Saving the World, One Phone Call at a Time...

Marlo Engels

Elite Caller, Hired 2015

"As an activist, I enjoy helping progressive causes through my work."

Cowana Merced

Caller, Hired 2012

"PIC's flexibilty lets me spend more time with my grandchildren."

Why work for PIC?

Public Interest Communications is one of the nation's leading telephone fundraising groups. Founded in 1978, we have continued in our mission to bring the power of the telephone to bear for leading progressive causes. We don't just raise money - we build relationships between donors and our clients that can last for years. Our success is based on our communicators' passion and enthusiasm for the causes we call for.

If you are looking for a job that will allow you to help progressive causes, such as reproductive rights, LGBTQ causes, keeping government accountable, and safeguarding wildlife, while working in a relaxed atmosphere and earning competitive pay, PIC may well be for you!